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Today is 9-11

Today is 9-11. It is impossible to fully digest or describe the impact this orchestrated Islamic terrorist attack had on our country. It was an act of war on our soil and we were weakened significantly that day. Our response was a national vow to “NEVER FORGET.” Fear brought us together. Yet, how fleeting the memory of man to confront truly inconvenient truths.

Today, just 21-years later, major newspapers throughout our country failed to even mention 9-11 in their Sunday edition — not even The New York Times, home to ground zero of two of the most damaging of the four attack fronts by Islamists. Newspapers that did mention 9-11, refused to acknowledge the objective truth about who carried out these attacks and why.

In just two decades, it is as though 9-11 never happened. Our children are not even taught about it for fear someone will be offended. The truth is that everyone should be offended. September 11 was dubbed “Patriot Day” by President Bush and Obama after him. Patriot Day is nothing more than a week euphemism designed to calm the righteous anger that should burn within the hearts of every patriotic American. Presidential proclamations tell us that we are supposed to “perform acts of service today.” Well, our civic duty is not a one day event. As patriots, we should perform acts of civic service every day to preserve our constitutional republic and way of life, which are clearly in jeopardy.

On 9-11 we should pause with solemn remembrance at just how fragile freedom is. We need to remember there are evil forces that seek to destroy us and all that we stand for. On September 11, we should recommit to protecting this most precious and God-inspired gift our forefathers wrought. On 9-12, we should get back to our duty stations.

I hope to see you this week. Until then, may God bless America,

Deb Pauly

Deb Pauly is President of CPOC