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Pauly's Perspective​

Messages from CPOC President Deborah Pauly, Esq.​

Deb Pauly's Blog​

Give thanks for growing strength and a renewed spirit of freedom

There are many moving parts to the political season, just like there are many moving parts to war. We are at war. By “we,” I mean We, The People, who still hold fast to the terms of our great contract for how to form a more perfect, self-governing union. However, we are not just engaged in a political war or a war for the future of our Constitutional Republic, although it is also that. We are primarily engaged in one of the greatest times of spiritual warfare any of us have ever experienced.

At times it is overwhelming. The enemy overwhelms and diverts our valuable energy from the positive path we are taking to affect a good outcome. I have felt overwhelmed. When I remember who is ultimately in charge of the course of all time and over all creation, my spirit and energy are renewed like an eagle. Allow Him to renew your spirit, too.

Fact: The enemy has marched, largely unchecked, for the better part of two-decades inside our borders, inside our halls of government, the schools, the media, all of our major institutions and — sorry to say — inside the leadership of both major political parties. This includes the Republican Party of which I have been a member since my time as a young woman in the United States Air Force staring in 1979. Ronald Reagan soon became our commander-in-chief.

Some of us are born to be warriors.

I have long believed that the Republican platform is the best and right direction forward for our country. That’s why it saddens me to see the Grand Old Party (GOP) hijacked by RINOs – Republicans In Name Only, who present themselves as one thing, but their actions work in opposition to that very thing. I choose to be a warrior for that which is good and right and just — even if I must fight alone.

I’ve been producing PAULY’S PICKS for more than 15-years. Most recommendations are based on my personal interactions, research, voting records and historical knowledge. Some recommendations are based on the input of highly trusted and true patriots. None of the recommendations are based on the endorsements of our now corrupted OC GOP. If there is any overlap, it is merely a coincidence that their manipulated process got it right. You may access PAULY’S PICKS on our website:

The GOP has been pushing citizens to vote early. They have morphed Election Day into an Election Month. This has further confused and complicated a process that is now broken beyond recognition. See pages 4, 12 and 14. Look forward to an Election Integrity Update at the November meeting.

CPOC is populated by citizen soldiers who understand what’s at stake. So many activists and patriots have come forward to join the ranks of CPOC. In 10-months (two while we were dark for the summer), CPOC has grown from 13 members to over 250 members. (See page 11.) It is so encouraging to know how many of us there are who still hunger for the spirit of freedom upon which our nation was founded. For that, I am truly grateful. Let’s fight together.

In October, many great patriots came together for the PARADE AT THE PODIUM. The candidates who presented themselves were inspiring as they participated in old-school stump speeches and presented their political platforms. (See pages 5 and 6.)

November’s meeting is going to be a time of Thanksgiving, fellowship, education and peaceful renewal. We will enjoy a traditional, plated Thanksgiving dinner. Marc Ang will provide a brief Election Analysis. Interim Election Integrity Committee Leaders Cheryl Frink and Susan Stivers will provide an update on what the team has discovered and accomplished this cycle.


  1. Long-time political activist and former President of the California Republican Assembly Celeste Creig will provide exceptional insight into the inner workings and structure of the CRA.
  2. Understand how the Republican Party is structured and elected during a briefing to be followed by a FIRESIDE CHAT between three-time Fullerton Mayor and current Mayor Pro Tem Bruce Whitacker and myself. We both served as elected members of the Central Committee prior to 2020.

CPOC is still seeking a treasurer to assume duties in January 2023 with training and assistance by the current elected treasurer Nancy Tucker.

NOTE: Seats are going fast for our Fantasy of Trees Holiday luncheon. If you aren’t there, you’ll be sad that you missed it. (See pages 9 and 10)

Our work now and through 2023 is all about 2024!
Be part of the solution to save the nation!

Deb Pauly

Deb Pauly is President of CPOC