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CPOC knocks it out of the park at April general meeting
Message from CPOC President Deborah Pauly, J.D.

Greetings all,

Last night’s CPOC meeting was tremendous and I’m writing to thank you for your part in it. It took a lot of people to make last night the success that it was. Your spirit was inspiring.

We had 100 people in attendance, met expenses, enjoyed wonderful food and fellowship, and added new members to our rolls. We heard from three terrific candidates and we were lead on a deep dive into the Election Integrity irregularities in Orange County by CPOC’s EIC Chairman James Peters, who also sponsored part of our meeting.

If you missed the meeting, I am so sorry because the room was on fire. We dealt openly, directly and boldly in truth, which is the only way we will ever solve the issues we collectively face.

Mr. Peters presented our plan of action for addressing EI in The OC. We will share that with you over the next couple of days.

Here is the link to The Cal Report’s first installment from last night’s meeting.This features Orange County Superior Court candidate Erin Rowe and Dr. Stefan Bean, candidate for Superintendent, Orange County Board of Education.

Thank you to producer and director James Wallace.

It is an honor to work with so many committed patriots who love our country.

Please, forward this email to your friends, neighbors and family. They can learn more about CPOC at

Deb Pauly

Deb Pauly is President of CPOC