About CPOC



A locally-focused, non-partisan organization

Who We Are

The Conservative Patriots of Orange County (CPOC) is a locally-focused, non-partisan organization, chartered Oct. 12, 2021 as a completely autonomous 527 political not-for-profit entity.

CPOC held its first official event and fundraiser, the Fantasy of Trees, Dec. 4, 2021. It was a huge success in every way. We had hoped for 120 attendees, but had over 185. Everyone had so much fun. We collected over 170 new toys, plus $100 in gift cards for the children of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit … and raised enough operating capital to cautiously launch our inaugural year Jan. 20, 2022.

From the initial 13 members, we have grown to over 270 members in 10-months. As a non-partisan organization, CPOC is open to a broad spectrum of political affiliations. We welcome those who identify as independents, no party preference and Libertarians, in addition to Republicans and Democrats, so long as they adhere to the values and principles of our nation’s founding as contained in the Constitution of the United States of America

At its core, CPOC supports limited government, local control, sound fiscal management, the free market and holding elected officials accountable.

CPOC is grassroots-responsive, inclusive and action-oriented. It is populated by vibrant activists, serious thinkers, researchers and writers. All are movers and shakers who cherish our country and the way of life that it provides.

Grow with us in 2023