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Election Integrity Springs Forth in April – Micro to Macro – And How You Can Help
Message from CPOC President Deborah Pauly, J.D.

We continue to grow and expand CPOC’s reach each month. Our March meeting featured 11 of the 23 candidates, vying for 9 seats as an Orange County Superior Court Judge. It was very well-attended by patriots from around the county and 8 new members joined after the meeting. CPOC invited all 23 judicial candidates, who were given an opportunity to present themselves, their backgrounds and credentials. Then they fielded two randomly drawn questions from a range of 16 questions designed to discern judicial temperament and philosophy. A twelfth candidate was unable to attend last minute due to courtroom responsibilities. Three of the five candidates for Seat #30, were contacted the day before our event due to the unique and most unusual nature of filings for that seat, when Judge Frank Ospino died after declaring his intent to seek re-election. Those three were unable to attend, but sent messages that were read to those in attendance.

We know that some of you could not attend because we had to move to a lunchtime meeting in order to accommodate St Patrick’s Day evening festivities at the Santa Ana Elks Lodge. As a public service, the candidates were videotaped and edited for length by James Wallace. There is a 4-part series from that forum on the CPOC website, which you will find under The Cal Report heading. We also featured “The People’s Choice” for Attorney General Eric Early. You will find his presentation there under Part 4 of the series. Expect CPOC to release “Recommendations of the Board” in the coming weeks for those races.

These judicial races are county-wide. You can vote for all 9 seats that are up for election. These races are down ticket. So, we must be sure to vote the entire ballot. Do not ignore these races. Once they win a seat on the bench, it is nearly impossible to unseat an incumbent judge, no matter what they do. The judiciary is our last line of defense. Little judges at the district-level today become the big judges at the appellate and supreme court levels tomorrow.

April’s meeting will return to the regular evening dinner schedule…and it’s going to be a doozy! You don’t want to miss it. April is all about Election Integrity and CPOC’s own Election Integrity Committee, lead by Chairman James Peters, will present data, hard truths and plans for how to address voting irregularities. We will hear from the Election Integrity Project-California and than receive a federal perspective on how we fit into the bigger picture of securing, preserving and protecting the sanctity of our votes. Volunteer opportunities will be presented. This is an all-hands-on-deck emergency. We’ll wrap up the Election Integrity focus by hearing from Rachel Hamm the leading candidate for California Secretary of State, where the rubber meets the road on statewide voting.

We have been working and supporting the School Choice initiative since early December. Bob Walters, OC Chairman for the School Choice Initiative, reminds us that petitions are due by April 6. So, if you have any completed petitions they must be mailed directly to the central collection center at 600 Lincoln Avenue, Pasadena 91109. Do not delay. According to Bob, it’s very close.

No Jab? No Job? No WAY!!! CPOC participated in another successful grassroots effort to expose and lobby against another bad bill working its way through Sacramento, which produces a never-ending stream of bad bills. AB1993 would have mandated that anyone employed in California, including independent contractors, had to get a vaccine in order to work in the state. Isn’t that just outrageous? The bill was slated to be heard in the Labor and Employment Committee on March 30 2022, but after being inundated with activist phone calls opposing the bill, the author withdrew it.

Finally, be sure to mark your calendar now for May 19, 5:30 p.m. We will host a fun and informative Pre-Primary Candidates PARADE AT THE PODIUM. Every Orange County voter is invited to attend this candidate mixer in a Trade environment. Think All-American food fare at rock bottom prices. We want this to be affordable to everyone. If you know a candidate for federal, state or county office, let them know they should sign up to attend. Details are on our website:

Deb Pauly

Deb Pauly is President of CPOC