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3/8/2023 - President's Message March 2023

2/13/2023 - President's Message February 2023

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President's Message March 2023

President's Message February 2023

President's Message 20 January 2023

President's Message January 2023

President's Message December 2022

Your Holiday "Down Time" Signals a Good Time for Dirty Dealings to Big Brother

There is no rest for the weary, my fellow patriots. When God-fearing, peace-loving citizens, like you and me, turn our thoughts toward the holiday season, the evil doers and government manipulators go into hyperdrive. They know our attentions will be diverted.

I've watched this occur repeatedly and at all levels of government. Highly controversial policies are pushed through, new outrageous public employ contracts are negotiated (sometimes even to be effective retroactively!) and other "public service" contracts are renewed or extended. This year is no different…except more people are paying attention, so government has had to be more slippery.

Cases in point: recent and pending actions by our "Republican-controlled" Orange County Board of Supervisors. The Nov 29, 2022 Board of Supervisors meeting contained two items of interest under the Health Care Agency. Item #34 which was "to approve continuation of local emergency…related to Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)" and Item #40 to "approve a contract with Composite Apps, Inc. for disease control and prevention health technologies enabled solutions."

Vaccine Passport Revived

You'll all remember that the first step in locking down the state, the economy, our businesses and our families all started with the declaration of a health "emergency," so the concerns there are fairly obvious, but the Composite Apps contract sounds pretty innocuous. What is that? That's the Vaccine Passport for Orange County. That's right, folks. Show me your papers or you will be prohibited from participating. You can read about it and the supporting documents at this link:

According to the staff report, if the Board buys in, "This Contract will be 100 percent Federally funded through July 31, 2024, by the Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity Coronavirus Response and Relief grant. HCA will re-evaluate funding and absorb costs after July 31, 2024, based on funding available at that time."

There is no such thing as free money from the federal government. It comes with strings attached. In the case of a Vaccine Passport, the strings are very dangerous and very long. (You'll remember CPOC's angst over Young Kim supporting the Federal Vaccine Database. It's all part of the same program and is necessary for globalist population control and social credit system. Think China and the Communist Party because that is the source.)

Concerned citizens arrived to express their grievances. The meeting became very raucous during Item #34 discussion and later it was discovered that Clayton Chau, Health Care Agency Director, made a request to continue item #40 to December 6. No discussion. No explanation. Now, on the December 6 agenda, there is a deletion request from Chau for item #14. Do we trust that?

It is imperative that citizens show up at the December 6 meeting.

Look for details coming soon! I urge you to view the meeting. Pay attention to agenda Item #34, Item #49 and later the general Public Comments.

Feckless Party Leadership Fred Whitaker is Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County. As such, he is CEO. I call him Feckless Fred. I've called him that for years and he knows it. I call him feckless because he is feeble, futile and lacking initiative for the task at hand. However, he is excelling at using this position to feather his own nest.

It is preposterous, that the party CEO is pounding his chest over all the great "successes" that the Republican Party achieved this past election cycle. He has started lobbying and campaigning to remain chairman of the Orange County Republican Party, as new leadership is to be elected January 16, 2023. He's shameless.

Here are some of the great achievements we have seen in Orange County under the leadership of Feckless Fred:
      November 8, 2016 - Orange County votes Hillary Clinton, the first time The OC has voted for a Democrat in for president in 80 years! Why? Never-Trumpers at the helm gave a nod and wink and refused to encourage the party faithful to support our nominee, but instead bought into and echoed the national anti-Trump narrative of the mainstream media.
      November 6, 2018 - All congressional races go Democrat. We lose every single Congressional seat. Why? Because there was wide scale ballot tampering with the mail ballot system. Irregularities were occurring everywhere. Many voters and political insiders were alarmed. These irregularities were reported to Feckless Fred. His response? "There is nothing we can do about it." What?
      August 6, 2019 - Orange County becomes a Democrat County as there are now officially more registered Democrats than Republicans. Why? Because little or no attention was given to old-school retail politics, canvasing and going door-to-door, setting up registration and information tables throughout the county. There is no precinct operation of any kind. Many Republicans left the party and reregistered No Party Preference or went independent, not because of Donald Trump as the entrenched RINO swamp likes to claim, but because the party has broken faith with the base. In street vernacular, traditional Republicans are pissed off.
      March 9, 2021 - Lost the 2nd Supervisorial District seat on the Orange County Board of Supervisors in the special election. Why? It's not because of vote splitting and the sour grapes of career politicians who want to blame independent thinkers. It's because of the behind the scenes manipulations and the blind ambitions of Michelle and Shawn Steel, who left that seat vacant without a care as she moved on to bigger and better things for herself. The Steels actively worked to discourage the one person who could have won that seat. The Steels did nothing to help a potential Republican successor. They left Orange County in the lurch.
      November 14, 2021 - Orange County fails to deliver on the recall of Gavin Newsom. Party leaders could note even muster a 50% YES vote. Yes, Fred was more than happy to use Larry Elder, who was wildly popular with the base, to raise funds at the annual Flag Day Dinner in June 2021. It was incredibly selfish to divert Larry's attention from campaigning and raising funds for his own campaign. Mr. Elder is an honorable man, who has interfaced with and been embraced by the grassroots for many, many years. He's the only thing that gave this ill-fated recall any life. The entrenched party apparatus could have embraced him at any time during the previous 20 years.
      November 8, 2022 - Democrats become majority on the Orange County Board of Supervisors. Orange County Republicans lose another Assemblyman. Why? Because the only thing that matters to the Steels is Michelle's seat in Congress. The only thing that matters to Fred is pleasing the Steels. Here's the sad truth: Given the actions of the "Republican board majority," it is likely we will not even be able to tell any difference once the Democrats are in the driver's seat.
      November 29, 2022 - As of this date, there are 80,541 more registered Democrats than Republicans in Orange County. Why? Apathy and the official party turning a blind eye to the liberal voting records of our own elected Republicans.

Any CEO with this record of failure would have been fired over 4-years ago. Many concerned conservatives want to know how Fred can be replaced and who might be positioned to do it. Here are some facts that you need to understand. Only elected or appointed members currently sitting on the Central Committee may run for or be considered for executive board positions like Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

There will not be another election for Central Committee until March 23, 2024. Shortly after Prop 14, which gave us the Top Two Jungle Primary, passed in 2010, the party leadership, under then-Chairman Scott Baugh elected to move Central Committee races to a once every 4-year term, instead of a once every 2-year term as it always had been. So, the only bench from which to recruit a new and more effective Chairman would be from among those already on the committee. Unfortunately, those best qualified to lead are 100% on-board with the current leadership, such as it is. Fred is a very nice person and he does favors for all the right people.

Our work now and through 2023 is all about 2024!
Be part of the solution.

Note: Thank you to Jon Paul White for assembling the timeline for this article.

Give thanks for growing strength and a renewed spirit of freedom

There are many moving parts to the political season, just like there are many moving parts to war. We are at war. By "we," I mean We, The People, who still hold fast to the terms of our great contract for how to form a more perfect, self-governing union. However, we are not just engaged in a political war or a war for the future of our Constitutional Republic, although it is also that. We are primarily engaged in one of the greatest times of spiritual warfare any of us have ever experienced.

At times it is overwhelming. The enemy overwhelms and diverts our valuable energy from the positive path we are taking to affect a good outcome. I have felt overwhelmed. When I remember who is ultimately in charge of the course of all time and over all creation, my spirit and energy are renewed like an eagle. Allow Him to renew your spirit, too.

Fact: The enemy has marched, largely unchecked, for the better part of two-decades inside our borders, inside our halls of government, the schools, the media, all of our major institutions and — sorry to say — inside the leadership of both major political parties. This includes the Republican Party of which I have been a member since my time as a young woman in the United States Air Force staring in 1979. Ronald Reagan soon became our commander-in-chief.

Some of us are born to be warriors.

I have long believed that the Republican platform is the best and right direction forward for our country. That's why it saddens me to see the Grand Old Party (GOP) hijacked by RINOs - Republicans In Name Only, who present themselves as one thing, but their actions work in opposition to that very thing. I choose to be a warrior for that which is good and right and just — even if I must fight alone.

I've been producing PAULY'S PICKS for more than 15-years. Most recommendations are based on my personal interactions, research, voting records and historical knowledge. Some recommendations are based on the input of highly trusted and true patriots. None of the recommendations are based on the endorsements of our now corrupted OC GOP. If there is any overlap, it is merely a coincidence that their manipulated process got it right. You may access PAULY'S PICKS on our website:

The GOP has been pushing citizens to vote early. They have morphed Election Day into an Election Month. This has further confused and complicated a process that is now broken beyond recognition. See pages 4, 12 and 14. Look forward to an Election Integrity Update at the November meeting.

CPOC is populated by citizen soldiers who understand what’s at stake. So many activists and patriots have come forward to join the ranks of CPOC. In 10-months (two while we were dark for the summer), CPOC has grown from 13 members to over 250 members. (See page 11.) It is so encouraging to know how many of us there are who still hunger for the spirit of freedom upon which our nation was founded. For that, I am truly grateful. Let’s fight together.

In October, many great patriots came together for the PARADE AT THE PODIUM. The candidates who presented themselves were inspiring as they participated in old-school stump speeches and presented their political platforms. (See pages 5 and 6.)

November’s meeting is going to be a time of Thanksgiving, fellowship, education and peaceful renewal. We will enjoy a traditional, plated Thanksgiving dinner. Marc Ang will provide a brief Election Analysis. Interim Election Integrity Committee Leaders Cheryl Frink and Susan Stivers will provide an update on what the team has discovered and accomplished this cycle.


  1. Long-time political activist and former President of the California Republican Assembly Celeste Creig will provide exceptional insight into the inner workings and structure of the CRA.
  2. Understand how the Republican Party is structured and elected during a briefing to be followed by a FIRESIDE CHAT between three-time Fullerton Mayor and current Mayor Pro Tem Bruce Whitacker and myself. We both served as elected members of the Central Committee prior to 2020.

CPOC is still seeking a treasurer to assume duties in January 2023 with training and assistance by the current elected treasurer Nancy Tucker.

NOTE: Seats are going fast for our Fantasy of Trees Holiday luncheon. If you aren’t there, you'll be sad that you missed it. (See pages 9 and 10)

Our work now and through 2023 is all about 2024!
Be part of the solution to save the nation!

CPOC September Meeting

Once again, we hit it out of the park. I'm writing to thank each of you for doing your part, being so dependable and joyfully committed in your work for CPOC. I am thankful to those of you who make my job easier.

I particularly want to thank Susan Stivers and Cheryl Frink for suggesting this “out-of-the-box” format for our meeting…quite unusual for a political organization. It comports with my vision for how we work together to effect the positive change that is needed.

Susan put it best: "People felt like they were being heard." That is so important when determining how we, as CPOC, frame political discourse in the future. Everyone is a valued and equally important member of our team and we need to treat each other that way. From the beginning, CPOC was formed with the idea of inclusivity in mind.

Our fabulous Editor-in-Chief Robin Itzler has already put together a one-page review of last night's successful meeting. It's attached. Remember the RULE OF 10 that came out of the Communications Table discussion and was presented by Social Media Director Shelley Hunley!

Forward this to 10 people and ask them to forward it to 10 others. Post it on social media.

Until October, may God bless and keep you safely in the palm of His mighty hand.

In your service,
Deborah Pauly, J.D.
President, CPOC
(714) 394-8400

Today is 9-11

Today is 9-11. It is impossible to fully digest or describe the impact this orchestrated Islamic terrorist attack had on our country. It was an act of war on our soil and we were weakened significantly that day. Our response was a national vow to "NEVER FORGET." Fear brought us together. Yet, how fleeting the memory of man to confront truly inconvenient truths.

Today, just 21-years later, major newspapers throughout our country failed to even mention 9-11 in their Sunday edition — not even The New York Times, home to ground zero of two of the most damaging of the four attack fronts by Islamists. Newspapers that did mention 9-11, refused to acknowledge the objective truth about who carried out these attacks and why.

In just two decades, it is as though 9-11 never happened. Our children are not even taught about it for fear someone will be offended. The truth is that everyone should be offended. September 11 was dubbed "Patriot Day" by President Bush and Obama after him. Patriot Day is nothing more than a week euphemism designed to calm the righteous anger that should burn within the hearts of every patriotic American. Presidential proclamations tell us that we are supposed to "perform acts of service today." Well, our civic duty is not a one day event. As patriots, we should perform acts of civic service every day to preserve our constitutional republic and way of life, which are clearly in jeopardy.

On 9-11 we should pause with solemn remembrance at just how fragile freedom is. We need to remember there are evil forces that seek to destroy us and all that we stand for. On September 11, we should recommit to protecting this most precious and God-inspired gift our forefathers wrought. On 9-12, we should get back to our duty stations.

I hope to see you this week. Until then, may God bless America,

Deborah Pauly, J.D.
President, CPOC

PAULY'S PICKS (Amended & Updated)

Click here to view/download.


aka, "Briefing Notes: Orange County Superior Court Judicial Races"

Click here to view/download.

MUST WATCH: CPOC's Election Integrity Chair James Peters & SOS candidate Rachel Hamm on The Cal Report
Message from CPOC President Deborah Pauly, J.D.

For those who could not make the April CPOC meeting on Election Integrity, here are two MUST WATCH videos. They had to be posted on Rumble, because YouTube takes these reports down.

FIRST — AND MOST IMPORTANT — Is James Peters, CPOC's Election Integrity chairman, with an outstanding briefing. We will get a link to his slide deck up on the CPOC website soon.

SECOND — Is Republican Candidate for Secretary of State Rachel Hamm, who told us that the Republican Party is purposefully subverting her campaign. I also received reports that her mic was cut prematurely at the CRP convention when she criticized the party for straying from our principles.

CPOC In Action
Message from CPOC President Deborah Pauly, J.D.

Morning session: View our input on Agenda Item #46 at this link: Once you are on that page, simply click on 46 in the agenda that is under the video screen.

Afternoon Public Comments session: We actually serve Notice to the board. Our speakers start at the about the 6 minute mark. It’s a short public comment video:

CPOC knocks it out of the park at April general meeting
Message from CPOC President Deborah Pauly, J.D.

Greetings all,

Last night's CPOC meeting was tremendous and I'm writing to thank you for your part in it. It took a lot of people to make last night the success that it was. Your spirit was inspiring.

We had 100 people in attendance, met expenses, enjoyed wonderful food and fellowship, and added new members to our rolls. We heard from three terrific candidates and we were lead on a deep dive into the Election Integrity irregularities in Orange County by CPOC's EIC Chairman James Peters, who also sponsored part of our meeting.

If you missed the meeting, I am so sorry because the room was on fire. We dealt openly, directly and boldly in truth, which is the only way we will ever solve the issues we collectively face.

Mr. Peters presented our plan of action for addressing EI in The OC. We will share that with you over the next couple of days.

Here is the link to The Cal Report’s first installment from last night's meeting.This features Orange County Superior Court candidate Erin Rowe and Dr. Stefan Bean, candidate for Superintendent, Orange County Board of Education. Thank you to producer and director James Wallace.

It is an honor to work with so many committed patriots who love our country.

Please, forward this email to your friends, neighbors and family. They can learn more about CPOC at

Election Integrity Springs Forth in April - Micro to Macro - And How You Can Help
Message from CPOC President Deborah Pauly, J.D.

We continue to grow and expand CPOC's reach each month. Our March meeting featured 11 of the 23 candidates, vying for 9 seats as an Orange County Superior Court Judge. It was very well-attended by patriots from around the county and 8 new members joined after the meeting. CPOC invited all 23 judicial candidates, who were given an opportunity to present themselves, their backgrounds and credentials. Then they fielded two randomly drawn questions from a range of 16 questions designed to discern judicial temperament and philosophy. A twelfth candidate was unable to attend last minute due to courtroom responsibilities. Three of the five candidates for Seat #30, were contacted the day before our event due to the unique and most unusual nature of filings for that seat, when Judge Frank Ospino died after declaring his intent to seek re-election. Those three were unable to attend, but sent messages that were read to those in attendance.

We know that some of you could not attend because we had to move to a lunchtime meeting in order to accommodate St Patrick's Day evening festivities at the Santa Ana Elks Lodge. As a public service, the candidates were videotaped and edited for length by James Wallace. There is a 4-part series from that forum on the CPOC website, which you will find under The Cal Report heading. We also featured "The People’s Choice" for Attorney General Eric Early. You will find his presentation there under Part 4 of the series. Expect CPOC to release "Recommendations of the Board" in the coming weeks for those races.

These judicial races are county-wide. You can vote for all 9 seats that are up for election. These races are down ticket. So, we must be sure to vote the entire ballot. Do not ignore these races. Once they win a seat on the bench, it is nearly impossible to unseat an incumbent judge, no matter what they do. The judiciary is our last line of defense. Little judges at the district-level today become the big judges at the appellate and supreme court levels tomorrow.

April's meeting will return to the regular evening dinner schedule…and it's going to be a doozy! You don't want to miss it. April is all about Election Integrity and CPOC's own Election Integrity Committee, lead by Chairman James Peters, will present data, hard truths and plans for how to address voting irregularities. We will hear from the Election Integrity Project-California and than receive a federal perspective on how we fit into the bigger picture of securing, preserving and protecting the sanctity of our votes. Volunteer opportunities will be presented. This is an all-hands-on-deck emergency. We'll wrap up the Election Integrity focus by hearing from Rachel Hamm the leading candidate for California Secretary of State, where the rubber meets the road on statewide voting.

We have been working and supporting the School Choice initiative since early December. Bob Walters, OC Chairman for the School Choice Initiative, reminds us that petitions are due by April 6. So, if you have any completed petitions they must be mailed directly to the central collection center at 600 Lincoln Avenue, Pasadena 91109. Do not delay. According to Bob, it's very close.

No Jab? No Job? No WAY!!! CPOC participated in another successful grassroots effort to expose and lobby against another bad bill working its way through Sacramento, which produces a never-ending stream of bad bills. AB1993 would have mandated that anyone employed in California, including independent contractors, had to get a vaccine in order to work in the state. Isn't that just outrageous? The bill was slated to be heard in the Labor and Employment Committee on March 30 2022, but after being inundated with activist phone calls opposing the bill, the author withdrew it.

Finally, be sure to mark your calendar now for May 19, 5:30 p.m. We will host a fun and informative Pre-Primary Candidates PARADE AT THE PODIUM. Every Orange County voter is invited to attend this candidate mixer in a Trade environment. Think All-American food fare at rock bottom prices. We want this to be affordable to everyone. If you know a candidate for federal, state or county office, let them know they should sign up to attend. Details are on our website:

Don Dix: A faithful servant-warrior to the end

On Saturday morning March 12, we celebrate the life of a great man and American patriot, Don Dix, who lost a long battle with extreme ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease, on February 22, 2022. I was informed at noon and was devastated to the point of being incapacitated for the rest of that day.

I've known and worked with Don on a lot of projects since 2011 when he came out to defend me in my city of Villa Park. He was new to activism then, but soon took off like a rocket. His passion and infectious spirit drove him toward great success and caused others to follow this humble, but natural-born leader.

In fact, Don was the speaker at the first General Membership meeting of the Conservative Patriots of Orange County on January 20, 2022, just one month earlier. Don served as the highly successful chairman of the Republican Party of Riverside County. Gina Gleason picked him up and drove him to Orange County. The three of us did a tag team discussion on how the grassroots, faith-based community and official party apparatus might work more successfully together.

He had told me he was on the mend, was eating some solid food and had gained back some weight. Even though he had told me, he lost 70 pounds during the illness, I was shocked and taken aback by how frail he looked.

However, the illness did not dampen his effervescent spirit nor did it dull his sharp mind. He was wonderful and the attendees were very edified by all that he shared. He was transparent, inspiring, humble, resolute, quick-witted and precisely delivered always.

This is a terrible loss in a year where there have been many terrible losses. It was a huge blessing to have that precious time with him.

On the left, is a picture of the Don Dix I know, love and will always remember. On the right, is a precious picture of a man giving his last best for the sake of the country and fellow citizens he loved. He remained a joyful warrior to the very end.

Well done, good and faithful servant.

Letter to the Editor Concerning CA-40 Congressional District from CPOC President Deborah Pauly, J.D.

The Foothills Sentry, with a reach of some 42,000 households, ran my Letter-to-the-Editor concerning the new CA-40th Congressional District.

Dear Editor,

Thank you for running the map for the open seat in the newly drawn CA-40th Congressional District representing our area (February 2022, page 6). There was an error stating the "new District 40 is home to Yorba Linda's Young Kim." She does not reside in Yorba Linda, nor does she reside in the new CA-40th. She resides in La Habra.

According to her own published biographies and Ballotpedia profile, Young Kim, incumbent Congresswoman, CA-39, resides in and has been a long-time resident of LaHabra, which is now in CA-38. The new CA-38 goes north into LA, which is 47-percent Democrat and 22-percent Republican. Congresswoman Kim’s previous CA-39 was 37% Democrat and 33% Republican, which might explain some of her votes.

Unadvisedly, the Republican Party of Orange County early endorsed her for CA-39, knowing full well that decennial redistricting was upon us. Now, Young Kim is disingenuously misleading voters by claiming she is running as "an incumbent" without clarifying that she is an incumbent for the 39th District, not "the incumbent" for CA-40. The entrenched party apparatus is complicit in this misrepresentation.

While it is perfectly legal for her to run outside of her district because Congress has exempted itself from jurisdictional residency requirements, voters should reject carpetbagging candidates who "district-shop" based, not on ties to our community, but on the likelihood of winning election based on party affiliation. The CA-40 is 39-percent Republican and 32-percent Democrat.

Voters deserve better.

Deborah Pauly, J.D.

CPOC expands by naming Election Integrity Committee to Board
Message from CPOC President Deborah Pauly, J.D.

The Conservative Patriots of Orange County (CPOC) enjoyed an incredibly dynamic and fast-paced meeting in February. The Healthy American, Peggy Hall, attracted a lot interest and she did not disappoint. Her uplifting message encouraged the patriot-activist community to stay strong and continue standing up for freedom and liberty during these trying times. Peggy Hall speaks our language. You can view part of her talk on our website under The Cal Report. (More on that below.) After the meeting, Peggy and her husband decided to join our action-oriented group. We are honored.

We also had updates on the two initiatives CPOC has been working since early December. Bob Walters, OC Chairman for the School Choice Initiative told us that the committee is moving full steam ahead, aiming for the November 2022 ballot. Laura Thomas, the CPOC liaison to the Our Neighborhood Voices initiative has informed us that they have suspended the efforts to overturn SB9 this election cycle.

CPOC had a very pleasant last-minute addition to our line-up when Susan Shelley from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer's Association briefed about the effort to overturn The Death Tax that was hidden in details of Prop 19, which was passed by the voters in November 2020. I personally spoke in strong opposition to Prop 19 during that election cycle for just this reason. However, we had "leaders" in the Republican Party, who strongly supported Prop 19 and tricked many property-owning taxpayers. Learn about efforts to fix that mistake at

CPOC has take a formal position opposing SB 866, which would amend California's Family Code to allow children under the age of legal consent (12 to 18-years-old) to be vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent. We continue to monitor this bill, which was introduced January 20 by Democrat State Senator Weiner. Rule 55 was suspended, so it does not have to be in print for 30-days before action can be taken and it has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This month we are focusing on the law. Whom do we elect to interpret it and enforce it in our court? We have invited every candidate for judge in contested seats for Orange County Superior Court. So far, we have 7 confirmed candidates for judge who will present. Whether they attend or not, we will have a full list of candidates available for attendees to make notes. If you know of a candidate who should be included, have him or her contact us. Our confirmed featured speaker is Eric Early, who is running for California Attorney General, the top prosecutor in the state.

CPOC has established an Election Integrity Committee (EIC) composed of a core group of three men, who chose amongst themselves to elect James Peters as the chairman. As EIC Chairman, we welcome James to our Board of Directors. The April meeting will be all about election integrity. Our EIC will monitor the Orange County Board of Supervisors as they prepare to appoint a new Registrar of Voters, under the advice of County CEO Frank Kim. The current Registrar Neal Kelley, who has served in that position for nearly 18-years, announced his plan to retire effect this month and under the cloud of questions concerning election integrity in The OC. Interesting timing.

Also in April, we will welcome confirmed speaker Dr. Stefan Bean, who is running to become the new superintendent of Orange County Board of Education. He's taking on the incumbent and, from where I stand, that challenge is long-overdue.

Please, visit our website. We’ve added three new links: 1) Pauly’s Perspective, The President’s Blog; 2) The Cal Report by James Wallace in association with CPOC; and 3) a link to writings From the Desk of Robin Itzler, who the California Federation of Republican Women tried to unceremoniously oust from the organization without any hearing, by the way, for having the audacity to speak her mind. Finally, we have added a DONATE button. We want to keep our meetings affordable and our programs vibrant. With your help, we can do that. Visit

May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet on St. Patrick's Day, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Welcome to New Member Peggy Hall

CPOC is honored to welcome Peggy Hall among our newest members. She and her husband, Pastor David, decided to join after our dynamic February meeting. Peggy was our keynote speaker and she did not disappoint. She reminds us that we can choose to be Healthy Americans. To my way of thinking that means being mentally, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually healthy. endeavors to feed all of those facets of the person.

Peggy is The Healthy American. I highly recommend her website for sources and information for how to breathe liberty back into our lives. See

Fledgling Organization Off to a Strong Start, Ready for Growth - February Message from CPOC President Deborah Pauly, J.D.

The Conservative Patriots of Orange County (CPOC) is off to a great start with its January general membership meeting, where we had hoped to attract 40 attendees, but instead had 75 reservations. The Elks Lodge moved us from the smaller room we had reserved to the Grand Ballroom to accommodate the unexpected response. Several ideas emerged from the wonderful presentation by our tag team guest speakers, Gina Gleason, executive director of Real Impact, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, and Don Dix, Chairman of the Republican Party of Riverside County. In fact, CPOC was among the many grassroots groups joining Real Impact to defeat AB 1400, Government Run Health Care for All. AB 1400 died on the assembly floor for failing to garner enough votes to pass. It's so satisfying when our efforts bear fruit.

We are preparing to implement an idea that Don Dix shared concerning his appointment of an Election Integrity Officer in Riverside. CPOC is working to establish an Election Integrity Committee (EIC) with the chairman as a member of our Board of Directors. The first order of business for EIC will be to monitor the Orange County Board of Supervisors as they prepare to appoint a new Registrar, under the advice of County CEO Frank Kim. The current Registrar is Neal Kelley, who has served in that position for nearly 18-years. Late last year as the grassroots began to focus on Election Integrity in COVID-era balloting, Kelley announced his plan to retire in March. Interesting timing.

This month we are focusing on the detrimental health impacts of mask mandates and forced vaccinations on our children and grandchildren. These impacts are not just physical, but psychological, emotional and spiritual. We are very fortunate to have Peggy Hall, with The Healthy American, who will share her substantial uplifting energy while educating us on how we can push back against government overreach that is harming our children.

In line with that focus, we will be taking a formal position on SB 866, which was introduced January 20 by Democrat State Senator Scott Wiener as an amendment to the Family Code. As introduced, this bill would authorize a child as young as 12-years-old, well below the age of legal consent, to get a vaccine from any "vaccine provider" without parental knowledge or consent. In Senator Wiener's mind, this bill is "Giving young people the autonomy to receive life-saving vaccines, regardless of their parents' beliefs." To my way of thinking, SB 866 subverts the fundamental right that parents have to raise their children free from unreasonable government interference.

In March, CPOC will turn its attention toward judicial candidates. If you know of a candidate for OC Superior Court who is seeking a seat on the bench this term, be sure someone on the board has their name so we may reach out to them before that meeting. If they want to be considered for endorsement, we will provide a questionnaire.<

These are challenging times for all of us, but God wants us to have life and He wants us to have it abundantly. A life lived in isolation and fear is not an abundant life. The God of this universe is a God of freedom. Together, let us embrace freedom and liberty. Let's fight to reclaim these most fundamental principles of our Constitutional Republic.

May God bless you and keep you securely in the palm of His hand today and throughout 2022.

2/7/2022 - Remembering the Black Women Joe Biden Barred from the Supreme Court

Judge Janice Rogers Brown is my kind of rockstar, so it doesn't surprise me that Biden tried to derail her advancement back in the day. Now Biden says wants to nominate the "first black woman" to the U.S. Supreme Court? That could have already happened.

Read more about Joe's hypocrisy here:


Activists were mobilized across the state making phone calls to oppose AB 1400, a bill to provide Government Run Health Care for All. It died on the Assembly floor on January 31, 2022 because it failed to secure enough votes. Our work can bear fruit. Don’t give up Patriots! Don’t you dare give up!

1/1/2022: This is What Communism Looks Like

This is what communism looks like. We are seeing empty store shelves all over southern California. It reminds me of the store shelves in Communist East Berlin before East Germany imploded (circa 1988). As an American, I'd never seen shelves so empty. It impressed upon me the wages of living under such a form of government. It's why I fight against Communism here and now. 'Even when it goes by the name socialism or progressivism, it's the same thing. We are precariously close to the edge.

1/15/2022: Bullet Train

California's taxpayers are still paying for this debacle. I remember lobbying hard in 2008 against Proposition 1A, the $9.95 billion general obligation bond measure that put this train wreck into motion, but to no avail. Mostly, all Prop 1A created was a mountain of lawsuits. Note to voters: When you see the word "bond," think "I'm about to be ripped off." Then vote no. (Hat tip to Katy Grimes for the meme.)

1/1/2022: A New Year with a New Organization and a New Direction

The Conservative Patriots of Orange County (CPOC) is a new, locally-focused organization that was chartered Oct. 12, 2021 as a completely autonomous 527 political not-for-profit entity. It emerged from the recent dissolution of the Orange Republican Women Federated (ORWF), which served this area’s Republican Party interests for many decades.

CPOC held its first official event and fundraiser, the Fantasy of Trees, Dec. 4, 2021. It was a huge success in every way. Everyone had so much fun. We had hoped for 120 attendees, but had over 185. We collected over 170 new toys, plus $100 in gift cards for the children of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (15 MEU) that we support. Please, see pictures in this premiere edition of the Conservative Chronicles. We raised enough money to operate for the coming year. We are so grateful to the generous attendees for that.

We also bid farewell to our brave leader, the founding president of CPOC, Andrea Krupka, as she stepped down after leading us through dissolution and establishment of a more grassroots-responsive, inclusive and action-oriented organization. She left big shoes to fill.

CPOC is different in a number of ways. Membership is open to both men and women. CPOC is non-partisan, which means it welcomes those who identify as independents, no party preference and Libertarians, in addition to Republicans, so long as they adhere to the values and principles of our nation’s founding as contained in the Constitution of the United States of America. At its core, CPOC supports limited government, local control, sound fiscal management, the free market and holding elected officials accountable.

Please take note of the graph below. It was pulled from the Orange County Registrar of Voter’s website. The Republican Party could not even deliver Orange County for the recall of Gavin Newsom last November. Those of us who cherish our country must all work together to restore her. There is a lot of work to be done, right here in our own backyard. It will be up to patriot groups like CPOC, where pursuing sound public policy — not raising campaign dollars to line the pockets of insiders — is the driving factor. Encourage like-minded friends, neighbors and family to join our effort because where there are many hands, the load is light.

May God bless you and keep you securely in the palm of His hand today and throughout 2022.

12/15/2021 - Doctor's Orders.

This was just released December 15, 2021. It's an hour long. I watched every minute of it and am glad I did. I have heard very similar stories from mature, practicing physicians in Orange County, so I want to bring your attention to the website and a video titled “Doctor’s Orders”. The video explores, in depth, various Covid pre-treatment and post-treatment methods, practices and restrictions. The information is current, valuable, informed analysis and discussion from highly qualified individuals regarding the Covid Vaccine vs natural immunity debate (as it relates to older citizens as well as pre-school children). It is critical that you watch and digest this information.

12/13/2021 - What the mainstream media will not show you...

(NOTE: Access CPOC FB or website for the REAL news you need to know.)

CPOC President recommends the following read by Greg Aprahamian, who reports on news that the mainstream media will not show you. During Unprecedented Border Crisis Biden Rolls Out Red Carpet For Illegals (12/5/2021) By Greg Aprahamian

Over two million illegal aliens have attempted crossing into the US through the US / Mexico border in 2021. From April 2020 -April 2021 the United States has seen a 900% increase in border apprehensions and since January 2021 we have had a 1300% increase in unaccompanied minors.

Demographics of illegal entries on the US/ Mexico border has also changed, the Majority continue to be Mexican nationals, the second largest group are from the northern triangle countries Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, but there has been a huge jump in illegal entries from citizens from Ecuador, Brazil, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Haiti, and Cuba.

One of the most notable changes is the expulsion rate for apprehended illegal border crossers. According to Pew Research the expulsion rate for illegal aliens apprehended in Feb. 2021 (the first full month of Pres. Biden’s Presidency) was 74%, In September 2021 the expulsion rate dropped to 54%. Meanwhile, enforcement in the interior of the country has basically stopped.

Since the overall number of apprehensions has skyrocketed and the expulsion rate of illegal border crossers has dropped dramatically under the Biden administration, Biden’s administration has implemented new techniques to process and distribute the surge of illegals that his administration is allowing to enter the US.

First: Illegal aliens are given a court ordered notice to appear. With this notice to appear many illegal border crossers are given a TSA waiver, which allows them to board a domestic flight to the US city of their choice. This flight is paid for by the US taxpayer and Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection says: “There is no way to 100% guarantee the identity of everyone coming across our borders illegally” and “The room for fraud is wide.”

How TSA Explains Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Fly...

After flying on a domestic US flight, without verified ID the illegal immigrants are then transported to hotels around the country and housed (once again at taxpayer expense). One of the many hotels that the illegal aliens are brought to is the Four Points Sheraton near SeaWorld in San Diego California (3888 Greenwood St. San Diego, CA) at a cost of $46,000 per day. National media has basically been silent about this. Immigration activists from We the People Rising, America First Latino’s and 25th Congressional District Immigration Coalition paid a surprise visit to the Four Points Sheraton to learn more about how the Biden Administration is forcing US taxpayers to house foreign nationals that illegally cross our border. We learned that President Biden puts these illegal border crossers up in first class accommodations, is happy to provide illegal aliens with a border wall, and with private security so their privacy and safety is insured, as well as a medical staff to care for their needs. Unfortunately we also noticed the all too familiar abundance of American homeless and homeless veterans in the area that receive none of the attention, care and accommodations that are currently provided for the illegals by the Biden administration. At the Four Points Sheraton in SeaWorld, We witnessed the red carpet rolled out for illegal border crossers, but American homeless and American Veterans nearby are left outside to fend for themselves on the streets. This fact shows the world that Under President Biden, Illegal border crossers merit priority and homeless Americans and homeless veterans come last, dead last. --Deborah Pauly, J.D.