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Fledgling Organization Off to a Strong Start, Ready for Growth – February Message from CPOC President Deborah Pauly, J.D.

The Conservative Patriots of Orange County (CPOC) is off to a great start with its January general membership meeting, where we had hoped to attract 40 attendees, but instead had 75 reservations. The Elks Lodge moved us from the smaller room we had reserved to the Grand Ballroom to accommodate the unexpected response. Several ideas emerged from the wonderful presentation by our tag team guest speakers, Gina Gleason, executive director of Real Impact, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, and Don Dix, Chairman of the Republican Party of Riverside County. In fact, CPOC was among the many grassroots groups joining Real Impact to defeat AB 1400, Government Run Health Care for All. AB 1400 died on the assembly floor for failing to garner enough votes to pass. It’s so satisfying when our efforts bear fruit.

We are preparing to implement an idea that Don Dix shared concerning his appointment of an Election Integrity Officer in Riverside. CPOC is working to establish an Election Integrity Committee (EIC) with the chairman as a member of our Board of Directors. The first order of business for EIC will be to monitor the Orange County Board of Supervisors as they prepare to appoint a new Registrar, under the advice of County CEO Frank Kim. The current Registrar is Neal Kelley, who has served in that position for nearly 18-years. Late last year as the grassroots began to focus on Election Integrity in COVID-era balloting, Kelley announced his plan to retire in March. Interesting timing.

This month we are focusing on the detrimental health impacts of mask mandates and forced vaccinations on our children and grandchildren. These impacts are not just physical, but psychological, emotional and spiritual. We are very fortunate to have Peggy Hall, with The Healthy American, who will share her substantial uplifting energy while educating us on how we can push back against government overreach that is harming our children.

In line with that focus, we will be taking a formal position on SB 866, which was introduced January 20 by Democrat State Senator Scott Wiener as an amendment to the Family Code. As introduced, this bill would authorize a child as young as 12-years-old, well below the age of legal consent, to get a vaccine from any “vaccine provider” without parental knowledge or consent. In Senator Wiener’s mind, this bill is “Giving young people the autonomy to receive life-saving vaccines, regardless of their parents’ beliefs.” To my way of thinking, SB 866 subverts the fundamental right that parents have to raise their children free from unreasonable government interference.

In March, CPOC will turn its attention toward judicial candidates. If you know of a candidate for OC Superior Court who is seeking a seat on the bench this term, be sure someone on the board has their name so we may reach out to them before that meeting. If they want to be considered for endorsement, we will provide a questionnaire.<

These are challenging times for all of us, but God wants us to have life and He wants us to have it abundantly. A life lived in isolation and fear is not an abundant life. The God of this universe is a God of freedom. Together, let us embrace freedom and liberty. Let’s fight to reclaim these most fundamental principles of our Constitutional Republic.

May God bless you and keep you securely in the palm of His hand today and throughout 2022.

Deb Pauly

Deb Pauly is President of CPOC