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What the mainstream media will not show you…

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CPOC President recommends the following read by Greg Aprahamian, who reports on news that the mainstream media will not show you. During Unprecedented Border Crisis Biden Rolls Out Red Carpet For Illegals (12/5/2021) By Greg Aprahamian

Over two million illegal aliens have attempted crossing into the US through the US / Mexico border in 2021. From April 2020 -April 2021 the United States has seen a 900% increase in border apprehensions and since January 2021 we have had a 1300% increase in unaccompanied minors.

Demographics of illegal entries on the US/ Mexico border has also changed, the Majority continue to be Mexican nationals, the second largest group are from the northern triangle countries Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, but there has been a huge jump in illegal entries from citizens from Ecuador, Brazil, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Haiti, and Cuba.

One of the most notable changes is the expulsion rate for apprehended illegal border crossers. According to Pew Research the expulsion rate for illegal aliens apprehended in Feb. 2021 (the first full month of Pres. Biden’s Presidency) was 74%, In September 2021 the expulsion rate dropped to 54%. Meanwhile, enforcement in the interior of the country has basically stopped.

Since the overall number of apprehensions has skyrocketed and the expulsion rate of illegal border crossers has dropped dramatically under the Biden administration, Biden’s administration has implemented new techniques to process and distribute the surge of illegals that his administration is allowing to enter the US.

First: Illegal aliens are given a court ordered notice to appear. With this notice to appear many illegal border crossers are given a TSA waiver, which allows them to board a domestic flight to the US city of their choice. This flight is paid for by the US taxpayer and Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection says: “There is no way to 100% guarantee the identity of everyone coming across our borders illegally” and “The room for fraud is wide.”

How TSA Explains Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Fly…

After flying on a domestic US flight, without verified ID the illegal immigrants are then transported to hotels around the country and housed (once again at taxpayer expense). One of the many hotels that the illegal aliens are brought to is the Four Points Sheraton near SeaWorld in San Diego California (3888 Greenwood St. San Diego, CA) at a cost of $46,000 per day. National media has basically been silent about this. Immigration activists from We the People Rising, America First Latino’s and 25th Congressional District Immigration Coalition paid a surprise visit to the Four Points Sheraton to learn more about how the Biden Administration is forcing US taxpayers to house foreign nationals that illegally cross our border. We learned that President Biden puts these illegal border crossers up in first class accommodations, is happy to provide illegal aliens with a border wall, and with private security so their privacy and safety is insured, as well as a medical staff to care for their needs. Unfortunately we also noticed the all too familiar abundance of American homeless and homeless veterans in the area that receive none of the attention, care and accommodations that are currently provided for the illegals by the Biden administration. At the Four Points Sheraton in SeaWorld, We witnessed the red carpet rolled out for illegal border crossers, but American homeless and American Veterans nearby are left outside to fend for themselves on the streets. This fact shows the world that Under President Biden, Illegal border crossers merit priority and homeless Americans and homeless veterans come last, dead last.

Deb Pauly

Deb Pauly is President of CPOC